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Get stuck into a music book

Music has come to form a major aspect of the UK’s national identity over the years. Since the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones first came to prominence nearly half a century ago, Britain has prided itself on producing a steady stream of top musicians. If you’re an avid reader, the chances are…

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Oasis Tickets – Making Some New Fabric into New Music

The frontman of British rock crooners Oasis is gearing for another headlining project – a clothing line. Liam Gallagher, whose brother Noel is also part of the Brit Award winning group, recently announced his plans to launch a label, deemed Pretty Green after a Jam song title. “The reason I’m doing it is I like…

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Bringing some music into your life with acoustic guitar

Music is a universal language and that is why you find yourself enjoying music in a language that you do not even understand. Music has power and by choosing acoustic guitars for sale, you are in apposition to bring some happiness into your own life. Music never dies and there is always room to learn…

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