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Why Comparing Guitarists Makes No Sense

It is interesting and funny to see how so many guitar players worldwide through channels like for example YouTube, are spending a great deal of their time comparing their favorite guitarists to each other like it is a competition. My favorite guitar player is better than your favorite guitar player! Although a sensible guitarist knows…

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Wide Variety of Online Musical Instruments Makes Shopping Easy

The combination of sound and silence in it’s the finest form is what you may define as music. Whether this sound is produced by playing of a solo instrument, in an orchestra or as a vocal accompaniment, it is pleasing to the ears and soothing to the nerves. You may want to buy one of…

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Acoustic Guitar Tabs makes it easy to learn the guitar

When you play acoustic guitar, you have the advantage of a totally different, and much easier, kind of music notation. No more notes and staffs and time signatures. This is simpler and more intuitive. Its acoustic guitar tabs, which are notations based on the positions of the instruments strings. The greatest advantage is not having…

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