Taking The Time To Search For The Best Blues Guitar Lessons

When first starting to look for those ideal lessons for guitar, most of us used to use the big ‘G’, and ‘Google it’. Nowadays more searches for all kinds of things are made on Youtube’s video site, in fact it’s the 2nd most used search engine after Google itself. Like Google, the number of items shown for a term such as ‘blues guitar lessons’ is huge – how to search out the lessons that’s best for you? Youtube guitar lessons feature all manner of formats and instruction levels, both paid and free of charge.

Many of the professionals in selling blues guitar lessons have developed a very slick selling style that employ many forms of psychological hooks to induce you to buy. Barely a beginner? That’s OK – we’ll have you playing like a pro in 3 days. Intermediate player? We’ll raise your playing up a notch. Experienced player? This instruction will turn you into a guitar God, and so it goes. One of my favorites is the advert we see everywhere ‘The Three Major Mistakes That Most Guitarists Make”, or something like that, which is almost difficult to resist, it it has to be said. Truth is, playing good guitar means a lot of practice, commitment and time. Of course, the learning thing could be made faster with clear-cut instruction and correct blues guitar tabs.

Guitar tablature is the fundamental characteristic of excellent guitar lessons. It needn’t be extremely complex in the least, with just elementary notation showing finger movements and chords. Some tablature just goes too far, trying to convey the feel and ambiance of genuine blues playing, which it can’t possible do! This leads us to the second characteristic of the best blues guitar lessons – the instructor should be able to play the music very well (and the tablature should adequately represent what he is playing.) Guitar tablature alone just can’t explain that delicate pause, or the bass that is a little behind the beat when needed to complement the words. Sure, the tab can show that a single thumb stroke should be muted or damped with the hand’s palm, but can’t show that this damping movement itself isn’t constant, but changes in sound as the force of the palm on the strings is continuously being changed depending the flow of the song.

Take your time when searching for any teachings, whatever kind you are looking for. The Chinese say ‘a year engaged in doing little else but finding the right teacher is time well spent’. That’s about right. You don’t need to spend a year for your search, but make your choice with care and ignore the hype. Don’t expect to improve in just a few short days weeks, relax, don’t be hard on yourself and above all, enjoy the music and the journey.

Jim Bruce creates blues guitar lessons and makes a living playing blues guitar His blues guitar lessons are fast becoming the standard to reach – his vidoe lessons are accompanied by blues guitar tabs.

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