The Allure of Larkspur California

Anyone who has visited Larkspur, California knows that this small city offers a unique and positive allure. Many people are charmed by the small town feeling that this Central Marin town of around 12,000 residents manages to invoke. The welcoming feeling is not only something that seems natural to the area, but is a quality which is actively worked on, going as far as the towns historic City Hall, which encourages the public to visit on Mondays through Thursdays.

Larkspur is one of the smallest cities in Marin County, which is part of the reason that the small town feel might be easier to pull off for Larkspur. This quaint town is located approximately 15 miles north of San Francisco, and is located close to the ever popular and famous Mount Tamalpais. The area may have some allure for classic rock fans, as the last known permanent residence of Janis Joplin is located in Larkspur California, and for those other hippies at heart there are places to visit full of redwood trees or magnolia gardens arranged in magnificent displays.

The allure of Larkspur California comes from being in such a beautiful location. Madrone Canyon is close by, the redwoods still reach for the sky here, and Larkspur is a town that still offers a Golden Gate Transit ferry system, allowing you to connect with the big city of San Francisco for a weekend out, or even for a mid week romp.

If you are into shopping and dining, the town has a fabulous mix of restaurants, boutiques, and other retail stores along Magnolia Avenue. Foodies will enjoy the Lark Creek Inn which features upscale American dining and a fabulous Sunday brunch, the French brasserie menu at Left Bank, as well as the freshly made pizzas featuring locally grown, organic ingredients which are dished out by Pico Pizzeria. For an evening nightcap, be sure to stop into the Silver Peso, a fun local tavern that takes pride in being a dive bar in one of Marin’s most exclusive communities.

The allure of this centrally located town in Marin County, is that it’s a small town that offers not only all the benefits and ambiance of a small town, but also all the best benefits that the state of California has to offer. If you love culture and the ability to hit the big city, but want small town beauty beyond just the ordinary (and there is nothing ordinary about redwood forests), then you know the appeal of Larkspur, California, and if you don’t, then what are you waiting for?

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