The Beatles Here Comes The Sun Was Harrison’s Bright Moment

The Beatles Here Comes The Sun is one of the best-known contributions to the Beatles albums by George Harrison. Written during a hard time in his life, Harrison wrote ‘Here Comes The Sun’ with his good friend Eric Clapton for the Beatles last album as a band; Abbey Road. The time that Abbey Road was being recorded was an especially hard time in the life of George Harrison. During this time many difficult circumstances happened that were high profile and led him into a rather dark period in his life.

In March, Harrison and his wife were arrested for marijuana possession when police ransacked their home. The arrest also happened on the day that Paula and Linda McCartney were married causing him to miss the wedding. Also Harrison had to undergo surgery to remove his tonsils and had quit the band for a short period of time. It was in this frame of mind, with all this swirling around his life, that he wrote The Beatles Here Comes The Sun.

‘Here Comes The Sun’ is the culmination of everything that was happening all of this time. While staying at Eric Clapton’s house, he grabbed an acoustic guitar, and as the sun was coming over the horizon, he wrote the song to remind himself that the sun is always there. During the actual recording of the song, Harrison sang the vocals and played acoustic guitar on the song, while McCartney played bass and sang back up vocals. Ringo Starr played the drums, and John Lennon was recovering from a car crash so had no involvement in The Beatles Here Comes The Sun.

After only 13 takes, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ was recorded with some extra work by Harrison re-recording his acoustic part. ‘Here Comes The Sun’ is a departure from the band’s usual outtake as it was a rather specific message from Harrison about the realization that no matter what happens to you personally there is always a brightness that would help you start again. This message is something that many people grabbed a hold of especially during the turbulent years that Abbey Road was created and released. The Beatles Here Comes The Sun was the jumping off point for George Harrison’s songwriting career and a somewhat successful solo career. The other most widely know song of Harrison’s is also contained on the Abbey Road record, which is an indication that George Harrison could have been a much more integral part of the Beatles songwriting. is the mystical rehersal studio for rockers DEMON TWEAK. Listen as they prepare for battle with the evil trickster Loki by playing home brewed classic rock direct from Ragnarok. Also read articles on your favorite classic rock band written by resident historian Virgilius M. Storyteller.

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