The Most Influential Bands From The 70s

One of my favorite genres in the music world is the classic rock that came from a few decades ago. Many people always try to glorify the past with things, and they’re often incorrect.

However, I do think it’s true when it comes to music from the 70s. This was a decade that many believe to be the golden era for rock and roll, where some of the best rock music of all-time dominated the radio.

To this day, there are still many bands who emulate the sounds of the great bands that I’m going to mention here. I believe that these are two of the best rock bands of all-time, though they don’t get nearly as much recognition as they should. Let’s take a look at these bands who make my list.

One of the most underrated bands in rock history is the band that was actually known by that name. The Band was a group with a unique sound for the time, and their name comes from the fact that they used to be Bob Dylan’s backup band.

The Americana genre has been hugely popular for decades now, and much of it has to do with this band’s sound. They were the pioneers of this music style, and I still believe that no one’s managed to do it as well as they did.

The second band that I’d like to mention here is ELO, which stands for Electric Light Orchestra. This was a band led by the greatly talented singer Jeff Lynne, who also penned most of their music too.

Perhaps the song that receives the most airplay these days is Mr. Blue Sky, also extremely popular in movies and on commercials. The fact that so much of the band’s music is still played over 30 years later is a testament to how influential their music was.

ELO’s sound was truly unique for the time. They were the first rock band to blend the sounds of a symphony orchestra with rock and roll. On top of that, they used futuristic sounds that made the band seem light years ahead of many others.

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