The Most Well-known Alcoholics Of Past And Present

If you look around you will find that there are many famous personalities who were alcoholics. There are many alcoholics who have achieved fame over time; some of these individuals have battled their addiction to alcohol in view of the public, while few others became well known after they defeated their alcoholic disease.

If you look through different books, and magazines, you would know that many famous people were addict of alcohol. Some of these alcoholics removed the stamp of drinker from their name after the treatment, and some died having this disease with them.

You can find numerous well-known alcoholics in every field. This syndrome of Alcoholism has shown that it will stroke upon people from every sort of background. If anybody wants to get free of this inclination, he/she can come across numerous ways for that. These amenities were not accessible in earlier period.

Here we will discuss about some of the famous alcoholics, and know how they spend their lives.

Ulysses Grant (Politician):

Ulysses Grant was the 18th president of US and was an alcoholic. He was basically removed from the military because of his serious drinking problem but he came back to military and also lead the North to a victory in the civil war, and shortly after that, he became the president. He was so addicted to drinking that it bankrupted him and he had to face money problems after leaving office.

Drew Barrymore (Actress):

Drew Barrymore was an actress who achieved fame before she was a teenager; she very famously struggled with drugs and alcohol. She had the treatment at age 13 and argues that she has been free from drugs and alcohol for many years.

John Lucas (Athlete):

John Lucan was a famous athlete. He was a NBA star in the 1980s. He has to leave sports early because of his alcohol addiction problems. Later on, he was cleaned after treatment, and then he opened a clinic for athletes who fall into alcohol addiction.

Eric Clapton (Musician):

Eric Clapton was a very famous musician who created several bands over the course of a many year career as an electric guitarist. He was also a very famous alcoholic but when he recovered from this habit, he started a recovery centre for other alcoholics and drug addicts.

Ernest Hemingway (Writer):

Ernest Hemingway, a very famous writer, who was well known for his adventurous spirit and pithy style, was a self-professed alcoholic. He was totally fed up with this habit and, at the end, committed suicide at age 62.

Alexander the Great (Strategist):

Alexander the Great was a well-known strategist, and military mastermind. He was well recognised as one of the first publicly accredited alcoholics in the human being history. Several people believe that his highly developed alcoholism led to his passing away at the age of 32.

Bill Wilson:

He is the most prominent alcoholic. Alcoholism exaggerated him in his profession, and healthiness. He twisted his own life around, and started to lend a hand to other alcoholics to overcome their obsession to alcohol. He is essentially the originator of Alcoholics Anonymous. He helped millions of people get clear-headed.

There are many other alcoholics as well. We have only listed a very tiny portion of the people who are both famous and alcoholics.

You can get rid of drug additions by taking a professional’s help and get complete checkup at alcohol rehabilitation.

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