Tips on Learning to Play the Guitar

“I got my first real six-string / Bought it at the five-and-dime / Played ’til my fingers bled / That was the summer of 69” a song almost every guitar aficionado loves.

Do you stare at the screen when you watch an Eric Clapton video and watch him move his hands over his six-string at breath-neck speed and wonder when you’ll be able to imitate him? Well, begin on an acoustic and then graduate to that electric. We would like to advise you about a few key things before you can start with guitar lessons.

The most important decision for a novice is to choose the perfect instrument. You need a trained eye for that, and if you know any friend who’s a pro, he could lend you expert guidance while purchasing the guitar. Acoustic guitars come in various sizes – standard and jumbo. Expert advice on online forums and newsgroups on which would suit your needs best is also encouraged. We would say that a second hand guitar would be a cheap option for you while still are a beginner, to practice and learn the basics and then graduate. New guitars should be thoroughly checked before being bought.

Do you have a short attention span? Do you live in a very noisy environment? Generally, noisy urban surroundings may hinder your learning skills, since acoustic guitars are very soft, and needs a quiet atmosphere to get a feel of the instrument. Also, daily dedicated practice is a must for any beginner trying to learn the basics! That means, no more whining, since 10 minutes is all you need a day to get a hang of things and fiddling around with your new instrument, trying to play your favorite song on it would do you a lot of good.

Have you planned out your learning method? A strict routine is very important if you want to achieve certain goals. You might feel that you have developed a kink in your brain and that however much you are trying to cramp chords, finger placements and notes into your head, the results are negligible. Guitar practice may seem monotonous and a big waste of time, but have you considered taking a break between sessions? This way, you can let off some work pressure and relax your muscles before you get back to another serious session of practicing.

Budding guitarists tend to overestimate themselves and set difficult tasks for themselves. Having had a taste of how Clapton or Hendrix used to strum their guitars, most people like you start off with difficult tasks, which definitely turn out disastrously awry! It is always advised that you start off slow and steady, setting yourself easy targets and schedules and gradually moving on to tougher tasks.

Do you wish your audience was wonder struck and enraptured by your performance? Do you dream of becoming a famous rock guitarist? Well, starting early means you could surely stand a chance! Happy strumming!

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