Which Acoustic Guitar Is Better To Learn On – Classical Or Steel Strung?

Many people decide to take up learning the guitar and decide to go for the safer option of buying an acoustic design instead of an electric solid body type. The only issue can be a lack of proper understanding of the differences between a classical/ Spanish nylon string guitar and a steel strung acoustic. They are both acoustic but is there a best option to your requirements?

Here I have a look at the differences between the 2 designs.

Classical/ Spanish Guitar

As the nylon strings are quite a bit simpler to press down on to the fretboard they’re usually the favourite option for youngsters to learn on. These guitars also have less heavy bodies which again suits young children. The production fees are relatively low because of the mass production and versions are available for kids who are only five. There’s often a decent colour selection which also helps make possessing these instruments enjoyable for children.

For adults, if you are interested in Spanish style or classical then this style is naturally a good choice. Having said that, the much softer nylon strings can be a serious advantage to anybody learning to play.

In case you are keeping an eye on spending budget, a nylon strung classical guitar is almost always the cheaper choice.

Steel Strung Acoustic Guitar

The body of a steel strung acoustic guitar is weightier and is designed to resist the greater tension of the steel strings. They can be a popular choice with adults and children over the age of 12 as they are wonderful for strumming and are generally preferred option for playing popular music.

Nowadays even the way more competitively priced versions are well put together. Up until recently substandard quality construction and inexpensive materials on the more budget versions could result in a out of shape neck or possibly a rough fret job. This is simply not the way it is now since the quality across the board looks like it’s regularly improving. With that in mind, its fair to say that the quality of the tone-woods used in the building of a guitar will improve with the cost of the instrument, and this will ultimately have an effect on the quality of the sound. So whilst playability is generally good even at the entry level, quality of sound will be fairly basic.

Most steel strung types come in the shape and size called the Dreadnought which is quite a big beast that is typically connected with Country and Western music. Lots of people may well prefer the smaller sized body of a folk style guitar which is a popular alternative for smaller adults or possibly a younger person. Numerous steel strung acoustics come with factory built in guitar pickups enabling the sound to be amplified.

So there are the 2 important options. Hopefully you will opt for the best one for you.

The author works in the design industry and is a keen guitar player. He lives in Surrey in the UK and is a regular visitor to the excellent independent music store Ritz Music where he chooses from a wide range of guitars. Ritz Music have expanded and currently have a music shop in Putney and a Richmond music shop

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