You Can Become A Better Guitar Player

How would you like to be as good as your favorite guitarist at playing guitar? Can you imagine downloading some free guitar tablature, say some Eric Clapton guitar tabs, and playing the guitar part as well as Clapton himself? The exciting news is that if you can imagine this, then you can do it, even if you currently have difficulty learning to play easy guitar songs. In fact, it is possible to become an excellent guitarist even if the closest you have ever come to playing guitar is by playing with the Guitar Hero controllers. Becoming a good guitar player, however, does require quite a bit of effort on your part. If you are willing to put forth this effort, though, check the tune of your guitar with your online guitar tuner, grab some guitar chord charts, and get ready to embark on a journey of self-improvement.

A few principles can be applied to improving any area of your life, and these are particularly helpful in trying to become a better guitarist. The first of these principles is practice. If you are not committed to practicing everything – from running through the guitar chords chart to mastering guitar tabs – you will not make the improvements you desire. Like they say, practice makes perfect; and while you may never reach perfection, progress is a certainty. Secondly – and highly related – you must have dedication. Like with anything else worthwhile this means that you might have to sacrifice other activities in order to develop your playing abilities. If this means that you miss a few concerts to master some Metallica guitar tabs, keep in mind that you could one day be playing a show in a band of your own.

In addition to practice and dedication, you must have commitment. Real improvement comes with continuity in your playing. If you are dedicated to practicing regularly for only a couple of weeks at a time, it is unlikely that you will achieve the level of greatness that you desire. You must continue your practice regimen continuously to maximize your playing potential. A big part of remaining committed is having patience. For some, patience is required to master easy guitar tabs, and others require patience to learn how to read guitar tabs at all. Regardless of what area of your playing you are working on, exercise patience and allow yourself time to progress.

One more pointer that will help you make improvements is to remain focused while you are playing guitar. If you want to excel, you will have to maintain your mental edge and be cognizant of areas of your playing that could use improvement. If you are practicing scales, focus on precision and speed, if you are practicing chord progression, focus on fluidity; whatever you are practicing, remain focused.

Following these pointers will undoubtedly bring you results. For a more in-depth look at ways to improve your playing, visit

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