10 Easy Riffs To Learn That Sound Great

Aside from their easy playability, the following progressions still manage to be epic only using the basics. A lot of famous rock songs were written with the basic major chords, and these are probably the easiest to recognize. The songs that fall into that category also are considered some of the most widely learned.

1 – Black Sabbath’s classic “Iron Man”

The song is almost totally made of power chords, but is a good metal guitar lesson for beginners to learn and show to their friends. Lot’s of guitarists aspire to be Tony Iommi, as he is a pioneer of early metal guitar riffs.

2 – The riff to “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC

Simple yet high-voltage rock, AC/DC are the masters of this style. This song is a great example of the aforementioned principle.

3 – Rush riff in “Fly by Night”

There is no denying it’s a tune with a decent hook, the progression is really simple and quickly recognized.

4 – None other than “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream

Almost all guitar players on Earth know the song, and you can tell what it is within seconds of hearing the progression. By no means is it a bad tune either.

5 – The riff for “Wonderwall” by Oasis

Oasis’s highest charting single, it’s also simple to get on the fretboard. A capo is needed if you would like to play it in the originally intended key, but the actual chords are very easy.

6 – None other than Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion”

Rock fans will get this, it’s on the radio every 10 seconds so it’s hard to miss in the world of classic rock riffs, and yet is pretty easy for you to learn. As far as beginners wanting to tackle a good song, this is a candidate.

7 – The progression to “Holy Diver” by Dio

A noteworthy song to learn as it’s from the legendary Dio.

8 – The progression for Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'”

As his biggest radio hit, if you get this learned everyone will immediately know what you’re playing. You would have a really tough time finding people that couldn’t name the progression.

9 – “Smoke on the Water” by hard-rock pioneers Deep Purple

No need to write up a description for this one. If you were to put it in a most-played competition with “Stairway to Heaven”, it would hold it’s own.

10 – The good ole’ “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf

One of the very first songs considered hard-rock/heavy-metal.

In this article you’ve seen a list of songs that you will be able to learn easily but that will also be instantly recognized by your peers.

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