Acoustic Guitars For Beginners Buying Secrets

Every seasoned guitar player out there remembers what it was like on the day they got their first guitar into their hands. This occasion can be life changing for some, but not always. The acoustic guitar you choose to buy can have a huge effect your approach to the instrument.

As acoustic guitars can vary considerably in comparison to electric and classical. I have listed a few examples of the most highly recommended acoustic guitars for beginners.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Within the past five years or so, due to the improvements in manufacturing in Asia and the lowering in cost of materials, the Japanese electronics giant, Yamaha have supplied the musical market with high quality, professionally crafted guitars. They have numerous models, catering to beginners and advanced players alike.

The FG730S Yamaha guitar is an example of how much Yamaha can offer at a low price. Starting at about $ 300, this model has a solid spruce top, giving it an excellent tone, with a rosewood bridge and fingerboard. Acoustics in this sort of price range are usually hampered with high action, how close strings are to the fret board, making playing difficult for beginners. This Yamaha guitar’s strings are set at a nice distance from the frets, without affecting the guitar’s powerful sound.

Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

A popular name at the lower end of the guitar rack, that is known for their durability and value for your money, is Ibanez. Ibanez also offers an attractive all in one package, which include everything you need to get started, such as picks, extra sets of strings, a strap and an instructional DVD.

However, the Ibanez cheaper models tend not to compare with other brands – lacking the sound and playability that will help you to enjoy the instrument. In order to get the best that Ibanez have to offer you will have to pay a little bit extra. Their AEL10E model, at around $ 399, comes with a fitted pickup, which gives you the option of connecting it to an amplifier. It has won many fans for its low action and distinct sounding body – built with a spruce top and rosewood fret board and bridge. Although not as powerful as the Yamaha FG70S, a common drawback in acoustic electric guitar models, it does provide a rich tone when plugged into an amplifier.

Alvarez Acoustic Guitar

The Alvarez Regent series is increasingly becoming a popular choice for beginners, as they offer good craftsmanship at the best price compared to similar models in other brands. The Dreadnought body with spruce top provides this acoustic guitar with a strong, rounded sound that you cannot get from either the Yamaha or Ibanez guitars.

When you hear this guitar for the first time, it seems that the Regent series is an attempt of Alvarez to imitate more expensive brands, as it does provide a nice, distinct tone, but doesn’t quite have the depth of a Yamaha. The Regent series starts at about $ 220 dollars, making it one of the cheapest spruce-topped guitars you can purchase.

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