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Ever since it was announced that Aerosmith would feature ZZ Top as the co-headliners of their tour, the buzz has been growing. Guitarist Joe Perry has been stating over and over again in recent interviews that he feels privileged to be playing with ZZ Top as they are as much legends as the Boys from Boston themselves. Their upcoming tour is set to be a favorite summer and fall event, and the early summer spots are already preparing for the rock stars’ arrival. From mid June through mid July, they will be hitting many Eastern hotspots like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Uncasville, Connecticut; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Charlotte, North Carolina; Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. After that, Aerosmith and ZZ Top will continue their U.S. tour and even venture into Canada. Fans who can’t wait to get their hands on Aerosmith tickets on their tour with ZZ Top should go online.

Aerosmith completely changed the rock scene when they arrived in the 1970s, offering a swinging bluesy influence to their hard-as-nails beats. The combination was golden as they drew in fans with their hard-rocking singles combined with their ballads featuring a glint of sensitivity. The group came together when frontman Steven Tyler teamed up with guitarist Joe Perry while both were working with other bands. After a few lineup shifts, Aerosmith solidified with bassist Tom Hamilton guitarist Brad Whitford and drummer Joey Kramer. The 1970s were good to Aerosmith, yielding hits like “Dream On,” “Walk This Way” and “Sweet Emotion.”

The rock and roll lifestyle took its toll on the band members, eventually leading to Perry and Whitford’s departure. Their tried-and-true lineup couldn’t stay apart long, and by the mid 1980s they were all back together again. Around the same time, a few band members entered rehabilitation facilities. The later part of the 1980s saw more classic singles from the band like “Dude (Looks Like a Lady),” “Love in an Elevator” and “Janie’s Got a Gun.” They have stayed relevant throughout the 1990s with singles like “What it Takes,” “Cryin’,” “Pink” and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” Fans have even been treated to new albums in the 2000s, the latest of which is set to be released sometime after their tour concludes.

ZZ Top’s longevity rivals that of Aerosmith, with the band first coming together in 1970. The members, guitarist Billy Gibbons, bassist Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beard, played for rival bands but their blues-meets-rock sound was created when they became a trio in Texas. After building a local following, their popularity went nationwide with the release of the album Tres Hombres in 1973 and the single “La Grange.” Adding the sounds of synthesizers, their music reached new heights with the release of Eliminator in 1983 and Afterburner in 1985. Those two albums produced some of their most classic hits like “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” “Sleeping Bag” and “Stages.” In 2004, the group was inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and they still know how to put on a top rock concert.

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