Amy Winehouse Tickets – The Latest and Greatest Downfall

As 2008 comes to a close, it seems that Amy Winehouse still can’t catch a break as she battles with drug addiction, bitter ex-lovers and a death sentence. As rumors follow the Brit singer wherever she goes, it seems that even with attempts at a break for the better she can’t quite hold on. With speculations about an imminent death and an extensive breakfast menu, don’t miss your chance to catch Amy Winehouse tickets now before she runs out of crack, energy or perhaps talent.

The Brit star has seen rumors circulate since she first emerged with her “Rehab” hit, most recently when her former personal assistant/reported love Alex Haines revealed that a typical English breakfast for Winehouse was a cup of tea, toast with butter and of course, crack. Talking to News of the World, Haines revealed “When Amy woke up the first thing she’s ask was, ‘Where’s my pipe?’ she often made crack pipes by putting foil on top of plastic bottles and then burning the drug. When Amy ran out of the drug she could cut the bottle in half and sit there on the floor completely wired, scraping the inside to get the residue with a screwdriver. She had to have a heroin and crack pipe near her or she freaked out.

She’d keep taking drugs until she passed out. I reckon she spent “3,500 a week on them.” Whether tackling with bulimia, sex addiction or alcohol, the star has been generating rumors as she continues to seek refuge in her latest rehab/hospital adventure.

Besides the latest obsession with drugs, Haines revealed her dirty side (“It was like having my own little porn star”) to her binges on McDonalds, Haribo candies and her own special use for her toothbrush (“She would have a massive McDonalds and then throw it all up in the bathroom. I found my toothbrush covered in sick…”). As she begins seriously vying for a spot in “The 27 Club,” a group she deems for rockers whom died by the age of 27, including Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones and Kurt Cobain, there may be only so much left for Winehouse in the Next Year.

If her most revealing escapades weren’t enough to stalemate the deadliest of suitors, Blur’s Alex James concocts a prediction of sorts as well “I’d be surprised if Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse both live to see the decade out. You know, it’s not funny,” he said, speaking to The Mirror. “I’ve been in situations where my best friends have been killing themselves (with drugs) and they won’t listen.”

Though reportedly her “darkest days’ are behind her with a slight weight gain and Caribbean vacation this holiday, the singer is still keeping in contact with her locked up husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who failed a drug test and must remain behind bars until 2010. The estranged couple has kept each other in their own fits of Hell, so it would seem, as Fielder-Civil revealed that he blames himself for her crack and heroine addictions and her ultimate downfall.

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