Choosing The Ideal Guitar Lessons Approach For You

It’s no good just twanging it. You need guitar lessons. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to replicate Metallica’s greatest hits – without some sort of guitar lessons you’re going to sound like George Formby’s fat fingered alcoholic younger brother. Lessons provide a basic grounding that simply strumming away cannot achieve.

There are a number of ways that people wishing to learn the guitar can go about learning. Most good music shops, both online and offline, offer a wide range of books focussing on guitar lessons. They may have been written by musicians who made their name by writing these kind of books – or they may be offerings from well known musicians, such as Eric Clapton.

There are various books available detailing guitar lessons, some take a more traditional approach, going through the absolute basics before getting to more complex guitar manoeuvres. Others try and get their readers to hit the ground running, offering tips and tricks to start strumming straight away – ideal for those wishing to impress their friends and neighbours as soon as possible.

In recent years there has been a move towards providing would-be Eric Clapton’s with video tutorials. These can be cost effective and give a very clear view of how to learn the guitar. Video guitar lessons are available in good music shops as well as online. You may even be able to find some for free on certain video websites.

Other guitar lessons are more costly, taking the form of actual one-on-one tuition. While this method relies on a rather fat wallet, it is arguably one of the more direct ways to learn. Books cannot complete with an actual tutor who can give feedback as soon as the student does well, or as soon as they make an error. They can also show the learner exactly how to hold the guitar, how to strum, and lots of other extra tips which can make real time guitar lessons very beneficial.

Another benefit of real guitar lessons is that they maintain a certain level of motivation that book or video guitar lessons don’t. It can really help some personalities to have that human interaction element to their guitar lessons – so that every week or every few days, they know that someone is expecting them to have practiced. Having said this, anyone who is really motivated to learn guitar and perhaps join a band will no doubt have the stamina to continue learning whatever method they choose.

One thing is certain, taking guitar lessons is a hugely enjoyable process and one which can lead the more determined among us to a lifelong set of entertainment skills – ones which can enliven any party, Bar Mitzvah or street corner at will!

Anna Stenning is an expert on guitar lessons having taught the instrument for many years.

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