Easy Steps To Learn To Sing Blues

Some people believe that for you to be able to sing blues, you must be born with it and you just can’t learn it later in life. But this is not true, because you can learn to sing blues and it’s even possible if you’re a beginning singer. It also depends on the sound that you want to achieve. In this article i have prepared for you a guideline to help you become a real blues singer. If you have always wondered how to sing blues music, then read the guidelines below for some real lesson on blues singing.

The most important thing when it comes to blues music is mood, because blues is somewhat depressing kind of music. This kind of music is about death, poverty and loss, about sad feeling. This music expresses frustration, loneliness and bad luck of people in trouble. It is slow and melancholy. If you really want to know more about blues music, you can also check out its history and it can also help you if you want to compose your own lyrics about this type of music. Usually blues music is carried out in a lower register. So in connection with this, the first thing that you should do is focus on your lower register. You should sing vocal scales as low as you can and in the long run you can see that you will become more flexible. This is very important in blues music.

The next thing that you should do is try to familiarize the important scales of blues. This genre has a particular thing that makes it different from other styles of music, it’s the blue note. Blue note is a note that is lowered from the usual interval present in a particular scale and gives a slight dissonant quality to your singing of blues. This note is the secret that you should know to learn to sing blues. So it is very important for you to familiarize the blues scales which includes the so called blue note. When you sing blues music, you should sing from the heart and not from the diaphragm.

Below are instructions on how to learn to sing blues:

*When you sing blues song, you should never smile because these songs are about death, pain, losing your loved ones , cheating with your girlfriend or boyfriend or being cheated on. You sound as if you are hurting. This type of music are about feeling deeply .

*Next is that you should work on your lower register. A lot of blues songs are to be sung in a low or sometimes medium pitch. However there are blues songs that are sung in higher pitch but seldom do they happen.

*It is also advisable that you learn to sing with a musical instrument background like for example guitar or piano. Instrumental blues songs are slow and sensuous.

*You also have to sing blues songs as if the lyrics of the song really happen to you. Let all your inhibitions all out. Sing as if you mean it. There is no room for faking when you sing these kind of songs.

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