Express Yourself With A Vintage Rock T-Shirt

The music business goes in cycles and that means that what was once old is now new again. There are various triggers that can cause a resurgence of certain types of music and the fans of the resurging music always take the opportunity to show their pride in their favorite forms of music by bringing out the t-shirts they used to wear that show their favorite bands.

At first it seemed as though hip hop would be the musical choice of kids for generations to come but underneath all of the rhyming and the rhythms were the music of vintage bands that were sampled and used by hip hop artists. For a very long time the younger people that were listening to hip hop had no idea that they were actually listening to a riff by Aerosmith or a sample that was originally done by Journey. That was until Guitar Hero and other video games came out.

Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and all of those interactive music video games relied on the vintage music of classic rock to be their soundtrack and suddenly kids had a name to put to those samples they had been hearing and they were exposed to a whole new vein of music called classic rock and they took to it immediately.

It was not long before the video game companies started offering more songs for kids to buy and add to their Guitar Hero catalog and, for the most part, these were classic rock songs. The parents saw this and started breaking out their vintage rock t-shirts to wear because their kids now found classic rock to be appealing just like the parents did when they were younger. The kids saw the parents wearing vintage rock t-shirts, they saw the characters on the Guitar Hero video game wearing them, and they decided they wanted them to.

It usually happens that when a band releases a new record their t-shirts start selling and their back catalog of music starts selling again as well. Imagine taking that concept and multiplying by the number of classic rock bands available and you suddenly have a resurgence in the sale of vintage rock t-shirts. These video games were like the re-issue of all of that guitar based classic rock and suddenly t-shirts and CDs started selling again like crazy.

It can be said that when the younger generation starts rediscovering portions of their parents’ past then some of the things that the parents held dear start to make a comeback. Guitar Hero has effectively brought back classic rock and now kids are wearing vintage rock t-shirts of bands that existed 20 or 30 years ago. The kids are buying the music but they are also rediscovering vinyl records and now vinyl records are making a comeback as well.

What a welcome surprise to find music similarities bringing children and parents together! Now that video games are bringing back classic rock and some vintage rock clothing, parents are rethinking the fact that they thought for a long time those video games were bringing down their generation of children.

There is probably very little chance that hip hop may disappear from the music industry all together but it is interesting to see the same kids that used to wear DMX t-shirts now wearing vintage rock t-shirts and listening to classic rock. Guitar Hero and games like it are perfect examples of how the icons of previous generations can become reborn using the trendy vehicles of current generations. It is hard to say how classic rock will be introduced to future generations but it can be assumed that someone will find a way to make sure that vintage rock t-shirts find their way onto the youth of the world one more time.

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