Facts You Should Know Regarding Distinctions Between Acoustic Guitars

Whether or not you can teach yourself to play acoustic guitar will depend to some extent on the style of music you want to play. If you just want to learn some acoustic guitar chords and play along to songs, it could be easy. However, you may discover that the more you delve into the rich and varied world of acoustic guitars, the less straightforward things become. Some differences in these guitars, and the styles they are suited to play, could mean you’ll actually need a teacher instead of being able to learn on your own.

Playing a classical style, for example, will involve a complex form of acoustic lessons, which means you’ll be unlikely to succeed at teaching yourself. You would need to learn to read music, and the style involves learning an intricate way of finger picking. There are even rules about how to hold the guitar.

On the other hand, when you use an acoustic guitar to play folk music, it means you can learn how to play it with less difficulty, learning the chords so you can accompany songs quite satisfactorily.

The flamenco guitar is one of the most dramatic examples of an acoustic guitar. They are produced and played differently from the conventional classical instrument. This type of guitar is even produced from different wood, which doesn’t sustain notes as long as a classical. The reason is that the flamenco style is typified by quick bursts of notes. The strings are closer to the neck, to facilitate tapping. The overall percussive style of flamenco means that learning guitar in this style and on this particular instrument might be difficult to accomplish on your own.

Acoustic guitars are obviously more complex and varied than most people realize. Some add extra strings, like harp guitars in which any added guitar string is in a higher range than the conventional ones, or extended-range guitars which add strings in the lower register. Others have differently shaped necks or bodies, or are tuned differently for specific music styles. If you’re considering trying to teach yourself acoustic guitar, then you clearly need to narrow things down first, and decide which style you would like to master, as well as which guitar you would like to play it on.

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