Franz Ferdinand Tickets – Tonight is the Night For Franz’s Electro Rock

After waiting four years for follow up hits from Franz Ferdinand, fans who couldn’t get enough of “The Fallen” and “Do You Want To” are finally rejoicing – the guys have a new studio effort. The group from Scotland is headlining their own US tour this time around, which is set to kick off this spring just after they return from a large set of European dates. The guys are promoting their third studio album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, which burst onto the Billboard charts last month when it debuted. “When we did the second album, the dance and synthesizer side of what we do maybe went to the side and the rock side came to the fore a little bit,” Alex Kapranos said to Rolling Stone. “I suppose we’re heading back to the idea of dance music. It’s more of a dance record than a rock record.”

The guys who brought you such rock classic hits that earned them comparisons to Hot Hot Heat and Interpol have returned this year with a dance album, initially introducing their single “Lucid Dreams” via their webpage. The eight minute track announced their turn to synthesizers, bright psychedelic beats and heavy guitar riffs; “We took a little bit of time to evolve” Kapranos said just after the track had been recorded. “We’d record one song five different ways, which is where the luxury of time comes in.” Time helped the guys rehash their former style into a new addition to the rock world, as Lily Allen producer Dan Carey helped the guys declare Tonight: Franz Ferdinand a new dance set, though the title isn’t something they’re totally willing to stick with. “It’s not so much a dance record or a rock record – to me it’s a nighttime record. It captures every element of the night, from changing yourself up before you go out on the most hedonistic night of your life, to being on the dance floor, to sitting in your bed rocking yourself to sleep,” Kapranos continued.

The guys started to work on their experimental techniques at an early stage; while it took them four years to return to the studio, it had been an adventure long in the making. When the group was promoting their second studio effort they were issuing their electronic vibe on stages overseas. “All those sweaty little gigs really helped shape the character of this record a lot and we might even do some more of those smaller shows in America because they were really enjoyable for us,” Kapranos continued. Though rumors circled that the latest set would have an Afrobeat sound, all exaggerations aside the frontman reveals a more threatening one. “It’s actually quite a sinister record in terms of mood but what I’ve been searching for on this record is that really naïve energy you have has a kid when you hear music and you can’t control your body’s reaction to it – you can’t help flinging yourself around the room and bouncing up and down on your mattress and literally bouncing off the wall. It’s that youthful optimism we’ve been seeking out.” See all that energy when offers Franz Ferdindand tickets today.

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