Great Ideas For Learning Blues Guitar Licks

Are you struggling to make your name in the Blues? Did the audience throw tomatoes at you because your blues guitar solo performance sucked? If you want to impress the crowd with your tunes, you have to have a decent set of blues licks to break the tension and to keep the jam going. This is not a blues guitar lesson. This is a blues guitar philosophy that you have to imbibe, so that you can seriously call yourself a great performer.

Start learning from the masters! If you want to learn how to master the blues guitar, you have to take after the masters like Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix. The best performances of these masters are immortalized online through the different collections of backing tracks available online. You can take any of their blues guitar licks, master them then mix them up so you can create your own sound. Its not strictly blues guitar lessons that you get here. In fact, if you know the basics, you can just listen to any of the blues licks available and practice on your own. But, the thing is, there are finer points to playing the blues. Guitar lessons offer not only audio guides but also video guides so that you can do that thing they do.

Then begin to learn from yourself! Any decent lead blues guitar knows how to tell a story with his playing. A lick is actually like a musical sentence with every note acting like a word. If the combination of words in a sentence has to make sense and follow certain syntax, the same thing goes for musical notes. But like words, any blues licks can be mixed and matched to others but it has to make coherent musical sense. Think about it this way, since you are just beginning, you do not think about creating your own technique just yet. Focus on the ability of getting your audience to understand what you want to tell them through your music.

This is something that cannot be taught through words that is why blues guitar lessons are more hands on. You need to see the example and then practice them on your own otherwise, you will never learn. Its a lifestyle because you do not have to strictly listen to a teacher; you need to let your story come out when you play that blues guitar solo of yours.

Get out and IMPRESS that crowd! The greatest blues performers are not those that have the fastest fingers. The best blues performers have the unique ability to tell a story through their playing. Now, do not be discouraged because you can be one of them. All you really have to do is take any blues guitar lesson to heart. Feel the music. So start downloading some of those blues backing tracks and begin practicing. So when your band performs the next time, you can stun the crowd with your incredible blues licks that compose your guitar solo.

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