Hot San Francisco Nightlife in the Cool Hours after Dark

San Francisco is famous for many different things, like trolleys, Rice A Roni, winding hilly roads, and San Francisco nightlife. Night life? Many tourists may be surprised to find that the scene in the city when the sun goes down is hotter than the climate usually is.

San Francisco is the most densely populated city in California, and the second most densely populated major city in the entire country. The culture of the area is a mixture of modern contemporary isms and old Spanish influence. The high standard of living of the area spills over into every aspect of the culture, giving birth to posh boutiques, designer department stores, and extravagant night clubs that will challenge any partier to survive the entire night.

The high standard of living has also given rise to a large infrastructure of restaurants and entertainment establishments as well. Although the cost of living in San Francisco is extremely high, many tourists of all kinds of budgets enjoy visiting the city for a time. There are many posh neighborhoods that are dotted with boutiques, shops, cafes, and a lot of famous night clubs for entertainment as well.

Some of the most popular places that tourists go to experience the high end San Francisco nightlife include Cow Hollow, Union Street, and 24th Street in Noe Valley. Mission Street and Irving Street are also popular vacation destinations for those who want to do more than spend their holiday resting in the sun on the beautiful beaches. In addition to the nightlife, there are also many different cultural areas of the city that tourists enjoy, such as China Town, which was the first and is the largest in the United States.

An interesting influence on the unique San Francisco nightlife, the writers and artists of the 1950s, have left permanent impressions by way of the coffeehouse culture. The modern coffeehouse culture has evolved into San Fransisco being the epicenter of liberal activism, acceptance, and an alternative nightlife of sorts. The alternative is to the more raucous nightclub and bar scenes that can be found throughout the city, and the coffeehouses, although not quite as loud make a significant impression on the after hours market.

The Fillmore is a music venue that is located in the Western Addition of the city, and housed the stage where rockers such as Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and the Grateful Dead have performed. These artists forged the infamous San Francisco Sound and the influence of these musicians and the unique style they created can be witnessed in the coffeehouses, bars, and clubs that make up the hot San Francisco nightlife still today.

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