How To Choose The Best Karaoke Music?

Choosing the right karaoke music can be difficult and frustrating. As with any aspect of life, people have different tastes. Some people like classic rock and hate hip hop, while some love hip hop and hate classic rock. Finding a good balance that will please everyone is the key. The right songs can make or break any get together.

Asking your guests what they are into should be your first step. Speak to them about their likes and dislikes and go from them. If you have quite a few guests coming to sing, this can get a little tedious. Consider asking a somewhat smaller sample size of guests. There is no need to cross reference the choices of everyone.

Another aspect to consider is the difficulty of the song. Some songs require the singer to hit notes that may be totally out of their range. Along with varying the genre according to your guests’ preferences, tailor the difficulty to them as well. If you know that not many of your friends can sing well, pick easier songs. If you have guests that are terrific singers and like the challenge, or just performing, incorporate some harder songs. Your goal is to find the right degree of difficulty for your guest’s ability levels.

There are also a few different things you can try that add a level of fun to the experience. Add some karaoke music that requires multiple people to sing. You never know. There may be guests that really want to participate, but they are shy. They may feel more confident getting up there with a group. You can try to give the karaoke night a theme, Bond, Abba, Christmas, Halloween or just a particular decade could work to your advantage depending on the people attending the party.

Also, try having your guests randomly pick the song. Put all of the songs available on your karaoke machine in a hat. When someone is ready to go sing, they get a completely random song. This can make things really interesting and you can call it ‘roulette karaoke’ as people get a little braver they may feel less bother about making a fool of themselves and loosen up. You could have a selection of difficult songs to sing like Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, anything by Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston the real diva songs or Edith Piaf or Gangnam Style? It adds an extra layer of fun and surprise to everyone’s night.

The other thing is to ask if anyone is feeling brave enough to perform properly and maybe even dress up, having a little fun with this can be good, you may get a few people up for being the entertainment for the evening too.

Don’t stress out to much when you’re picking songs for karaoke. You probably won’t be able to please everyone, but you can at least make the evening fun. Just a few things for you to remember: Vary your song list. Try to have something from a variety of genres. Ask your guests for some ideas for a specific genre or song. Also, vary the degree of difficulty and number of singers for your selections. Have songs that require only one singer or songs for a group. Have a mix of easy and difficult choices. The most important thing to do is have fun. If you try to make every song perfect, it takes some of the fun away from you. Give these tips a try and you will succeed.

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