How To Write A Rock Song

Perhaps, you came across this “how to write a rock song” article through one of the search engines after you came to your wits end in trying to write a rock song. Maybe you have a chorus rhyming through your mind or a catchy lyric that you need to compose a song out of. In my 30 years career of doing music, I used to have challenges of writing good songs until I figured what I am about to share with you in this article.

Songwriting generally can be a simple process when you understand how to go about it. Most songs that are written follow this rule – Lyrics, Melody, Rhythm and Harmony. Even if you are a natural at songwriting you’d still need to learn how to write a rock song. Songwriting comes easy when you have the inspiration to write. But the trick is to set daily practicing times and over time you’d see great results.

Where can I start from? Even though every song incorporates the basic elements of Lyrics, Melody, Harmony and Rhythm, there’s not actual way to write a song. Some great songwriters would first write lyrics and play some tunes on the keyboard before they found the chords they like the song to have. So when you keep practicing how to write a rock song more ideas would come. You could do any of the following:

* Start with the lyrics and then create the music
* Create a melody then harmonize it
* Start with rhythm
* Start with vocal etc.

One other strategy to learn how to write a rock song is to pick is to pick a musical instrument that you don’t really play. So if you play the guitar pick a keyboard and start writing a melody with it – any one. You can take a cue from one of your favorite CDs to assist you in writing your rock song.

You can also employ what I call the visualization technique in learning how to write a rock song. Just go to a very quiet place and imagine a box full of music CDs containing various classic pieces. Use your imagination to hit the play button and allow the music to flowing your mind and you’d have some lines to start your own rock song.

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