Is Choosing a Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar Right For Me?

Very first, are you left or right-handed? That is naturally a very first question you ought to ask yourself in case your contemplating a left handed acoustic guitar.

Certainly, it depends on your dominant hand. Which side do you employ the most?

As an example, I’m right-handed. I play it the standard way, which means I do the actual chords with my left and strum using the right hand.

I’ve got a couple of friends however that are right-handed, but perform a left-handed guitar. A lot of them just felt natural holding it like that, whilst others just wanted to experiment.

But as every thing in life, you can adapt to distinctive scenarios and there’s nothing that could maintain you from learning to play a left-handed guitar. Practice, practice, practice!

One significant drawback is that left-handed guitars are much more expensive and harder to obtain than their right-handed counterpart. A great deal of firms do not take the time making left-handed models, as a result of costs they have to alter their entire production process. In addition, roughly 10% of the people are left-handed, and most of them (over 50%) enjoy right-handed guitars. This makes this market unattractive for these firms.

Obtaining the precise acoustic guitar you need may also demonstrate quite difficult, because of the apparent lack of manufacturing, or because they’re only produced being a limited version.

1 very last point to look at is that you simply wont have the ability to borrow some other peoples guitars. Does that sound odd to you personally? Well, what I meant was that if youre at a friends home or at a get together and there is a guitar, unless of course it is a left-handed guitar, you wont manage to play it!

So cautiously consider these details to see if your benefits nonetheless outweigh your expenses.

As a final point, it is usually recommended to ask around, request some guidance from people who are playing left-handed guitars and pay attention to what they’ve to say!

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