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When we think of the traditional guitar the first thing that comes to mind is the acoustic guitar. Electric guitars didn’t show up on the scene until the early 1930’s. The acoustic guitar however, has been strummed since 1779.

Many great bands have used the acoustic guitar in their steller unplugged sessions, including Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The acoustic guitar produces heartfelt soulful sound and has no outside form of amplification.

Are you thinking that learning the acoustic guitar will be hard? It really isn’t. The most important thing for the beginner is picking a guitar that is well suited to their body dimensions.

While it may be more convenient and cost effective to borrow a guitar, this is a big mistake. It is worth the cost and effort to find a new or gently used guitar that is the correct size for you.

Find a local music store and go take a look. A good store will have several styles and sizes for you to choose from. Other ways to find an acoustic guitar are newspaper classifieds or online classifieds such as craig’s list. Always be sure the size is right.

After finding and buying your acoustic guitar, you will have to determine which way you will use to actually begin learning to play. Our schedules often vary wildly so pick the way that best suits your lifestyle. A few ways you can go about learning to play the acoustic guitar are:

One on one lessons-This is where many beginners start. Qualified local instructors for acoustic guitar are easy to find. They can help and encourage you as you progress in your training.

There are a few disadvantages in taking private lessons. First, they usually occur on at scheduled times, reducing flexibility, especially if you are a busy person. And second, they may will be held at a physical location other than your home, which may be inconvenient.

Online Guitar Lessons-It is awesome that, by using the internet, we can learn just about anything we desire. Yes, even acoustic guitar! Of course there are many free options out there, but they tend to be less suited for the beginner guitarist.

The advantages of following an online acoustic guitar course can be pretty compelling. Many only require a one time payment and you can start immediately. Imagine learning to play the guitar on your terms at home on your schedule. Really this is the best way.

I hope you found this article to be helpful and encouraging. Now it is time to take action. You won’t regret your decision.

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