Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar

Im experienced in teaching guitar and do it full time for a living. In the course of this article Im going to point out what I think are the most important considerations for anyone planning to learn to play acoustic guitar. Hopefully it will help you to avoid some of the more common problems beginners often fall into.

High up in importance is going to be the quality of your instruction and believe me there are some really terrible methods for learning guitar out there ” online, on DVDs, in books you have to be careful. Choosing a poor method or tutor can spell disaster for your chances of learning successfully.

My best recommendation is to find a good local tutor although this is not always possible. Failing that there are some great online sites to learn to play acoustic guitar but choose wisely and be sure to try out their sample lessons first. You need to make sure that the pace and which they teach, the style and level of the lessons are suitable for you.

The ideal situation is to have a combination where you learn from a variety of different sources simultaneously. For example, 1-1 lessons with a real tutor plus online guitar lessons or books and DVDs. Youll need to be self motivated and committed to daily practice which not everyone is (!) but assuming some kind of inspiration is driving you to learn acoustic guitar everything should be fine!

One of the most popular questions asked by beginners is How long does it take to learn? I would say that normally its around 4 weeks before you can strum along to basic beginner songs. This assumes youre being taught a good quality method for guitar and possess an average aptitude for the instrument. Beyond that however is a never ending journey which youll probably never reach the end of no one ever does!

Aside from quality guitar lessons the most important will be in knowing how to practice correctly. Practicing is a technique you have to learn! Learning how to practice correctly will shorten the time to takes you to learn to play acoustic guitar enormously, it may even mean the difference between success and failure.

The writer is a successful and popular guitar teacher. His unique system to play acoustic guitar for beginners is known as Guitar in a Nutshell. You can visit the website to find lots of free video tutorials and lessons plus receive a series of learn acoustic guitar secrets!

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