Legendary Guitar Players

With so many significant guitarists, constructing a greatest of all time list is a daunting task to begin with. A lot of them has been inspirational while a whole lot others have been influential. And its not just that they play great music, the fact their names have endured time itself that makes those that made this list legends of their own right.

A lot of established guitarists and struggling guitar novices look up to these names. Whether this new breed of guitar virtuosos are slated for fame or not, they have a long way to go before they can be considered an all time great. Here are the legends of the guitar and the reasons why they are epic.

There can only be one Jimi Hendrix. Rose to fame after his gigs at the Monterey Pop Festival and then later at Woodstock in 1969, Hendrix disregarded guitar conventions and blazed the way for other guitarists. More than just making music with his famed Statocaster, Hendrix was the first guitar player who used guitar feedback and overdriven amplifiers as a means to create good music.

Jimmy Page is next on the list, but that does not mean he is the second best. Known primarily as the lead guitar for Led Zeppelin, Page was also a core member of the Yardbirds. His dedication to stage showmanship can be seen every time he plays his Gibson Les Paul Classic while making wild antics in the stage. He is ranked as the ninth greatest guitarist in the Rolling Stones top 100 list.

Carlos Santana is a magic man when it comes to guitar playing. He combines his Latino soul into the music he conjures, whether it’s rock, blues, jazz fusion and salsa. Mystical and magical are some of the adjectives that best describe the kind of music Santana plays with his Gibson SG electric guitar. truly, he is an inspiration for other Latinos out there who wants to pick up a guitar and create music.

Another former Yardbird member, Eric Clapton knows how to whip up great music with his Eric Clapton Artist Signature Stratocaster. One of the most successful guitarist of all time, the guy with the nickname Slowhand has three inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and several Grammy awards under his belt. This guy is simply amazing when starts strumming that guitar.

These are your legends. They play the guitar but they are not the same. The only thing that binds these men together is the fact their talents allows them to rock your word with their music.

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