Live Music with the James Slack Band

The James Slack Band was shaped in January 2001. They are a nation classic rock group, who have played at every type of occasion you may possibly think of. James Slack main or the rythem guitar/ lead singer, was brought up in Penn Valley and valued going to the competitions during the 80’s. Band member Eric Wraymond Lead guitar/backup singer, has been playing guitar for more than twenty years. Swayed by Dwight Yolkam, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, James Barnes, Eric manages to carry a sound like no other guitarist round, the drummer has been thrashing the pots and pans for over 30 years and has played with many bands, Like Shelly West, David Frizzell etc. and truly play with the best of them. Bass Player Dave Nelson is the newest member to the band, but has been playing for over 30 years. Book your san pedro taxi cab now for this event!

Are you looking for a country southern rock band to hang on to? Look no further than James Slack Band. It definitely is a Country Southern Rock band with effects from George Strait, Johnny Cash, Joe Nichols, Garth Brooks, Billy Currington, Eric Church, and many more. The affection of country music is pooled by all the band members. The James Slack Band is an employed gentleman’s band. But they would not have been where they are today without the love and support of their fans. Here is news for James Slack band lovers. It is the time to enjoy the mesmerizing music by the band on Sunday, 19th of September 2015 at 08:00 P.M. The musical show will continue till Sunday, 20th of September 2015 till 01:00 P.M. at the Carlino’s Event Center. No cover charges involved. You can hire a Wilmington taxi to be a part of the musical affair. Enjoy an evening out in true style with James Slack Band. Heed to some great music, enjoy the drinks and hop with heaps of the like-minded music-loving people. Take advantage of the golden opportunity of listening to the much loved band and make your weekend awesome.

The pets are not allowed in the parking area during the concert. You will be accountable to take care of your belongings. Huge crowd invites theft so you will have to be cautious with your things. Call to book a rolling hills cab and become a part of the event. You can also consider bringing along your relatives or friends along with you to relish at the music to the fullest. This band prefers to play the new music so as to provide a pleasurable musical experience to their audience. Not like other brands, they are contented to talk over song collection with the audience so that you can select the songs as per your wishes and requests. It is advised to hire a san pedro taxi cab to arrange your commute to the place. You will get to adore live music and entertainment during the two-day event. So, see you all there at the lovely and delightful musical event.

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