Pearl Jam- Rock Performers With Substance

No one can argue with the fact that Pearl Jam is a solid institution as a rock band. Although they were most popular in the 90s, the band’s influence continues to make itself felt. This is despite the fact that the band has seemingly been trying to demolish its own golden status. The main reason why they continue to be controversial despite their popularity is because of their vocal stand on certain socio-political issues.

Despite their controversial stands though, nothing can remove the band from its pedestal. They are true rock legends. For two decades, countless fans continue to listen to their music. To date, band members include Eddie Vedder on guitar and lead vocals, Stone Gossard on rhythm guitar, Matt Cameron on drums, Jeff Ament on bass and Mike McCreedy on lead guitar.

All Time Favorite Discography

We’ve seen performers from the 90s peak and then disappear into oblivion. This isn’t bound to happen to Pearl Jam considering that they’ve sold 60 million albums worldwide. People continue to buy their albums simply because the band’s songs remain relevant through the years.

The band’s inexhaustible energy is apparent in the volume of work that they’ve churned out. To date, they have a total of nine albums, two compilations and six live albums. Aside from their own work, they have collaborated with other big name artists such as Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog.

The nine studio albums are spread well over two decades. They came up with Ten in 1991, Vs in 1993, Vitalogy in 1994, No Code in 1996, Yield in 1998, Binaural in 2000, Riot Act in 2002, Pearl Jam in 2006 and Backspacer in 2009.

Musical Style, Influences and Legacy

Fans of Pearl Jam can always expect something new from the band and yet still evocative of the spirit that makes the band what it is. With each new release, the band broadens to experiment with and influences other musical styles but without losing its essence as a band with decidedly classic rock and punk rock influences of its own.

For example, the Ten album was considered the high point of alternative rock. By the time Vitalogy was released, the punk sound became more dominant while No Code featured garage rock. The Yield album was rock and roll, which was followed by the art rock of Binaural and then the folk rock sound of Riot Act. The self-tiled Pearl Jam was a return to the band’s alternative rock roots while the latest album, Backspacer, has pop and New Wave elements.

Because of the band’s variety of music quality, the band’s influence also encompasses bands from different genres. Bands that reflect Pearl Jam’s work include alternative band Silverchair, rock band The Strokes and post grunge band Puddle of Mud. More bands influenced by the group are perhaps currently in the works.

Music is not the only point of interest of band members. Vocalist Eddie Vedder does not shy away from showing support for several causes. Vedder has been specifically known to support wildlife protection, Chrohn’s disease awareness, voter registration and pro choice among other things.

It’s clear that the band members’ additional point of appeal is their social involvement. They definitely have more in mind than fame and money. This truly makes them the best candidates for genuine adulation.

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