PRS Guitars – The Choice Of Rock Legends

PRS Guitars has been named after its owner Paul Reed Smith, who is a musician. The company was set up in 1985, and it has been a success since then. How the owner started making guitars is quite an interesting story. Paul was actually challenged by his music professor to create a guitar to earn a few extra credits, when he was in the St. Mary’s College at Maryland. The result was amazing and he got an “A” for the brilliant creation made by him. He realized that he was skilled at making music equipment and started focusing on this skill.

Paul started slowly at first. He made one instrument at a time and tested it thoroughly in the band. He made changes based on the feedback. Often a lot would be changed, such as the tremolo designs, headstocks and the body design too. It was only through testing and trying out various combinations that Paul was able to produce exceptional musical instruments. With so much attention to detail, it was not long before he became really famous.

Rock Legends Love PRS Guitars

The fact is that, if you mention PRS Guitars to rock legends from the world over, they would all instantly recognize the brand. Many of them are actually using a guitar from this company. This is quite an achievement considering the fact that there are so many companies making so many types of guitars. A few famous people who have played these guitars include Carlos Santana, Al DiMeola, Dave Navarro, Peter Lindgren, Mark Tremont, Tim Mahoney, Larry Lalonde, Rich Williams, Steve Stevens, and Larry Hanson.

Why Many Celebrity Guitarists use Guitars from PRS

There must be a good reason why so many celebrated players love the guitars from this company. The reality is, musicians from all over the world simply adore these guitars for the quality of music they produce. Those who are collectors love them because of their classic appearance. Many professionals use only PRS Guitars because they are functional and completely reliable. For professional guitarists, being able to rely on their guitar is important, because their professional reputation depends on this. Naturally it would not look good if there was a sudden error in the middle of a performance because of system malfunction.

These days, guitars are made from all types of materials, but PRS believes in making them the traditional way. PRS Guitars are always made using only original wood. Some models are even made from Brazilian rosewood. These guitars are popular not just among rock legends, but are highly sought after even by beginners. In fact, at PRS Guitars there’s a guitar for everyone and they are all easy to use as well. stocks some of the finest PRS guitars you can ever find. Sounds Great Music is the largest retailer of guitars and effects pedals in the UK. The store has an extensive collection.

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