PRS Guitars – Why They’re The Choice Of Rock Legends The World Over

Rock legends all across the globe have a fetish for PRS guitars and with good reason too. The PRS guitars manufactured by Paul Reed Smith company are high-end musical instruments that were originally made for local guitarists but later went on to became prized possessions of musicians everywhere. The manufacturers of PRS guitars are reputed for their superior quality and for producing two models of this fantastic music equipment. These are the single cutaway solid body guitar and the double cutaway versions.

PRS guitars are made from mahogany, having a flame maple cap. This is not in all the models, like those with a graphic finish, McCarty models, short-lived metal versions, and the standard model. These guitars use hardware and pickups that are built in-house, making them a favorite among rock legends. You will never know about the wiring and magnets that are used in the pickups because the company refuses to give out any details. The finishes of PRS guitars are most often natural, barring the graphic finish metal models, standard models, or EG models.

These guitars come with glossy finishes that have clearly visible patterned flames on them. The glossy maple finishes of the PRS guitars make them look fabulous when compared to the far less glamorous classic guitars like Les Paul. The PRS guitars are also more affordable these days with the recent introduction of the SE models.

PRS guitars have been widely used by the likes of Carlos Santana, Alex Lifeson, Brad Whitford, and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback). Santana’s own customized model is world famous with his name imprinted on many pickups the PRS manufacturers personally make. This unique feature is what makes the PRS guitars so very popular. Every part, from synthetic nuts to the windings, is crafted by the manufacturers themselves. The mahogany base with maple top is made shiny to give a 3D effect. The finesse and the precision with which the PRS guitars have been constructed, and the fact that all components are made by the PRS manufacturers themselves, are what makes these guitars so special. The guitars have also adopted classic features from its many competitors with even more superior tuning stability. Therefore, the end products are guitars that not only look glamorous but also play well too. So basically, you know you can never hit a wrong note when you choose the PRS guitar.

For those lovers of music who are reluctant to invest a fortune on buying a guitar yet crave to experience the thrills playing a PRS, now the PRS SE is just right for them. Designed similar to the standard guitar but made by a Korean manufacturer and having some Korean parts, this guitar is a far more affordable alternative for many. These are typically suited for students and nonprofessional musicians.

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