Select the Greatest Wedding Reception Songs for an Outstanding Wedding

When a couple is planning their wedding, they typically have a entire file of songs they absolutely love. There are fast songs and slow songs, emotional songs, and amusing songs. Their list of selections for wedding reception songs often include many styles and crosses multiple genres of music from conventional classic to country and punk to classic rock.

A wide selection of music is actually a pretty good thing at a wedding reception, since guests will be from various backgrounds and walks of life and will perhaps vary in age from 8 to 80s and you really want to have music that all of your guests will like. While they may not like each single song, a great variety ensures that everyone will be happy with at least some of the music. You’ve heard the saying, You cant please all of the people all of the time, however at a wedding you’re better off attending to the saying, You should be able to please most of the people at least some of the time.

The cultural background of the bride and group can also mirror the wedding reception songs that are conventionally included or expected at a particular wedding. For example, German and Polish wedding receptions in some states almost always have The Chicken Dance, The Flying Dutchman and at least some of polkas. On the other hand, a Jewish wedding reception in California is likely to have their own conventional wedding reception songs that absolutely must be included at the party and they probably don’t even know how to polka. And a Hispanic or Hawaiian couple will no doubt have other musical selections and traditions that are completely different and absolutely crucial, as well.

Even if you’re not a big fan of tradition, many of your wedding guests are, so its a nice touch to include these traditional songs, especially for your older guests. Generally speaking, many of the older people tend to leave the wedding reception earlier in the evening than the younger party guests, so you will want to play these songs more by chance during the first hour or two of the dance.

Of course, you will want to make sure to mix in sufficient modern music to keep the party crowd happy, too, so they don’t get bored and drift off before the wedding reception songs you’ve been saving for them start to get performed!

Usually classic rock and roll is a good fit for everyone. Who doesn’t like music by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis, and Chuck Berry? And don’t forget Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, the Eagles, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. A classic rock song like Sweet Home Alabama will have every guest tapping their feet and dancing in their seats, even if they don’t get out on the dance floor.

The key to selecting suitable wedding reception songs is to mix it up a little or maybe a lot! Don’t select one single musical type for the entire night unless you absolutely know all your guests love that kind of music. Whether you select a live band or a disc jockey to spin records or CDs, make sure they come equipped with a wide collection so they can tailor some of the requests from guests throughout the night and keep everyone entertained.

Daniel De Henney has been a wedding planner for the last twenty years. He has gathered a great wealth of experience and excellent tips, which he shares on his well-known blog Wedding Songs First Dance. Check it out to find more practical advice on how to find the best wedding reception songs.

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