Starting and Detailing on How to Play Blues Guitar

What will you do if someone asks you on how to play blues guitar mean while you knew that the person who asked is a complete rookie? Do not make it too hard that you can always start from the beginning by using the blues as the genre of music and that you will be able to tell about it, starting from the history. Before knowing how to play blues guitar, it’s good that you can give the history about it first. As an example, you can start to tell that blues is a distinct music genre, which dated back to the last quarter of the 19th century. Blues was born in the Southern part of the US. A beginner must be aware that it’s a style of playing, which focuses on using the finger style, using the opposing finger to create the pick of the technique, and using well-suited pattern to create the solo blues. In this way, you can enjoy playing with an accompaniment and create original songs or classic songs.

You can play the 12-bar blues in the pattern of the key using the C points. This is the basic blues pattern, using 12 bars in the states of the name or creating the measurement of 12-bars length. In the 12-bar blues progression, there’s should be description such as two bars of the C chord, using one bar of the F chord as well, one bar for the G chord, C chord using two bars. It has the strum using 12-bar of blues pattern, just to get the touch of the changes. This is important in learning on how to play blues guitar.

You can also strum the chords just by using the thumb. Then you can use your foot just by tapping it in order to measure for the bars. You will also have the privilege to strum the chords in which the sound may appear flat and that something is also needed to get the best progression of color and many more. You can also use the 12-bar progression after you strum it first. At this time, you can pick for the single strings creating the individual part for the chords. You can strum down the thumb, using the whole strings in all parts of the chord, and then picking the high E string as well using the index finger, which surely will come up. This kind of method will finally give the additional note in the rhythm of variation for the pattern.

You can add a line, consisting of the walking bass in which you can feel the pattern being filled out. In the end, you’ll find the walking bass line in the chord shapes in which you can built the lowest notes creating the best position of chord. Do not forget to use the easy three notes, which create the line. This type of line can actually be moved from one place to another. The base is using the chord, which is arranged side by side. Those are ways on how to play the blues guitar.

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