The Best Female Vocalists in Indie Music

Ever since the’90’s, the female vocalist has shared the spotlight with male singers. The singer/songwriter emerged in the’90’s with the alternative rock scene, as artists like Alanis Morrisette, Natalie Merchant, Natalie Imbruglia, Tracy Chapman, and many others experienced some great commercial success.

This paved the way for the indie rock movement of the last decade, which is still going strong as we enter a new decade. Much of the success of this movement can be attributed to some great, innovative female vocalists whose music shines, largely in part to their incredibly pleasant voices.

This article is going to focus on a few of the biggest female talents in indie rock music today, with their vocals being the deciding factor in who makes the list. While there are dozens I could easily list here, I’m going to limit this article to my favorite four.

First, I’d like to mention Regina Spektor. I’m in a coffee house as I write this, and her music is playing. This in fact inspired me to write this article.

I love Regina’s voice, and it’s one of my favorite in music, period. She’s sang many great songs, and still in her 20s, she’s sure to come out with more classics over time.

Another great vocalist in female music is Cat Power. Her real name is Chan Marshall, and she’s been making great music for about a decade now. With so many songs on her resume, both original and covers, her laid back style of blues music is one of the best in the indie world.

Another one is Sharon Jones. A Motown singer in her 50’s, she’s paired up with the Dap Kings, a backing band, and the unlikely combo has produced some exceptional music. Jones’ voice is one of the freshest and best in music today, and her retro style is appreciated by many fans.

Gaining steam is Shara Worden, also known as My Brightest Diamond. She has a pristine voice, and while her original work doesn’t always highlight it, some of her cover songs certainly do. Worden has one of the best voices around.

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