The Indie Band of the Decade Contest

It seems like the decade was just beginning. I can remember witnessing the transformation from alternative rock to indie music as the preferred genre for so many fans, and boy, was it exciting. Since the decade is winding down now, I’d like to take a few minutes to honor the bands that I believe to be the best of the decade.

I’m going to list a few that I believe to be right at the top of this list, before choosing my ultimate band of the decade. Yours will very likely be different than mine, but that’s what makes music as great as it is.

I can remember the impact that the White Stripes had at the beginning of the decade. Their music sounded much more like Zeppelin than Nirvana, and it was refreshing to hear some new bands with the classic rock influences that I love.

This marked the beginning of a musical era that placed an emphasis on classic rock and the many great bands whose pure rock paved the way. With a handful of releases throughout the decade, the White Stripes definitely make my list.

Next on the list is Radiohead. Many might call them the band of the 90s, but they’ve been just as integral this past decade, further polishing and evolving their sound.

This band has stopped at nothing to continue pushing the limits in terms of musical boundaries, and they’re still going strong at the end of the decade.

Last on the list here is Wilco. A band that’s equal parts classic rock, alt country, and experimental, this band has made quite the impact during the past decade.

Just when Wilco’s record label was ready to give up on the band, Wilco decided to turn on its label and release Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, their 2002 album, independently. Everything is history from there, as some of the decade’s best releases were crafted by Wilco.

Because of the above, I believe that Wilco had the strongest presence when you consider its music and overall influence.

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