The Power of Music Memorabilia

People collect many different things. They collect stamps, teddy bears, hats and other assorted items like buttons, that to many people simply do not make any sense to collect. However, there are also people out there who collect another type of item, and that item is used music memorabilia.

When they collect used music memorabilia, they are collecting things that have, for a time, been in the presence of musical greatness. They can be historical items like the album John Lennon signed for Mark David Chapman before he was shot, or it can be trivial and small like a scarf used by Steve Tyler in an Aerosmith show in Milwaukee in 1979.

No matter what the used music memorabilia is, it serves a useful purpose to the people who own it. For them, it is like touching music greatness and when they hold onto something like a signed Led Zeppelin IV, they are holding onto a piece of music history that puts them in touch with the rock gods who created it. For many, this is as close as they get to having a religious experience.
Music memorabilia is an amazing thing to have in your house. When you have a guitar signed by Jimmi Hendrix up in your den, people are going to ask you about it and envy you for it.
They will ask you where you got it, they will ask you how much it cost and they will always ask if the touch it.

When you touch something like that, you are touching a piece of history and you are linking yourself with the person who helped make that a piece of music history.
John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and John Bonham may be gone, but when you touch something they have signed, they live on through you, and through it. This is their immortality and you play a part in it when you have a piece of music memorabilia.
It is an amazing thing to be a part of, however it is not cheap and many music memorabilia items are going to cost a lot of money to have. However, when you think of the pride and joy it can bring you, you will know it was money well spent.

Having music memorabilia is something that really makes you a piece of music history. You may not be able to play the guitar or sing a single note, but you can have something that someone who can has used at some point in their career. This makes you a keeper of music history and when you hold it in your hands, you are holding something that your rock idol once held. It gives you a connection to them and makes you a part of their own history.

All people want to belong in a place in history, and collecting things like used music memorabilia helps to make that happen. Music memorabilia is something special, so start looking for that piece that makes you a part of music history.

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