We Will Rock You. The Fantastic London Musical

The smash hit West End musical can be found at the Dominion Theatre where it has clocked up record numbers since it opened in 2002. It’s a genuinely blockbusting sensation, offering more performances than any other show to appear at the 2,000 seat theatre and in the final week of 2008 it saw more people pass through its doors than any other show for any other week for the whole year.

The show is “We Will Rock You”, the hit Queen musical from Ben Elton that has over 25 classic songs from Queen’s back catalogue and has a truly unique tale of a future where music and freedom is banned.

The concept behind “We Will Rock You” was first discussed in the mid 1990s when Queen’s manager Jim Beach considered a musical production. In 2000 comedian and writer Ben Elton was approached to pen the show, with collaborations from Roger Taylor and Brian May. The rest, as they say, is history.

The story of “We Will Rock You” sets it apart from various other musicals based on the hits of famous bands. Instead of chronicling the story of Queen, Elton has written an original and odd story set in a dystopian future 300 years away. Globalisation is complete and Earth has been transformed by the authoritarian Globalsoft Corporation into Planet Mall where all people must conform to exact orders. With the evil Killer Queen ruling all, each person has to dress, think and act the same with freedom of musical expression strictly banned under her dictatorial control. Virtually all adhere to this way of life, afraid of reprisals from the Company – if you step out of line you’ll certainly be brainwashed until you conform.

But not everybody go along with this and also with such an oppressive rule a rebellion is predictable. Enter the Bohemians, a group of freedom fighters who believe in free thought as well as, freedom of music. Amongst the fighters are Galileo and Scaramouche, who prophesise a return to the Golden Age, a period in history they call the “Rhapsody”.

So they embark on an epic quest, alongside Pop and avoiding the watchful Ga Ga cops, wanting to locate a guitar known as the “mighty axe of the Hairy One”. It will be a hard journey and one that will pit them against the evil Killer Queen.

Along the way, the auditorium of the Dominion is treated to renditions of classic Queen songs such as “Another One Bites The Dust”, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, “I Want To Break Free”, “A Kind Of Magic”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Hammer To Fall”, “Radio Ga Ga”, “Who Wants To Live Forever”, “Play The Game”, “Under Pressure”, “Play The Game” and the title song itself “We Will Rock You”.

“We Will Rock You” continues to draw in the crowds and when the touring version appears in cities around the country it regularly attracts much hype to regional theatres. With a gripping story and some superb songs it is no surprise and it is more likely to continue way into the future. The Dominion Theatre must be thanking its lucky stars that of all the productions to appear on its stage, it had to be “We Will Rock You”.

“We Will Rock You” continues at the Dominion Theatre where it is currently booking until 2010.

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