Which Acoustic Guitar To Play If I’m Left-Handed?

1st, are you left or right-handed? That is needless to say a first question you need to ask yourself in case your contemplating a left handed acoustic guitar.

Certainly, it depends upon your dominant hand. Which side do you utilize the most?

For instance, I’m right-handed. I play it the standard way, that means I do the particular chords with my left and strum with the right hand.

I’ve got a couple of friends though which are right-handed, but play a left-handed guitar. Some of them just felt normal holding it this way, while other people just wanted to experiment.

But as everything in life, you can always adapt to diverse situations and there’s nothing that could maintain you from learning to play a left-handed guitar. Practice, practice, practice!

One significant disadvantage is that left-handed guitars are much more high priced and tougher to acquire than their particular right-handed counterpart. A great deal of organizations do not take the time producing left-handed models, because of the costs they have to alter their entire production process. Additionally, approximately 10% of the people are left-handed, and most of them (over 50%) enjoy right-handed guitars. This helps make this market unattractive for these firms.

Getting the precise acoustic guitar you desire will also prove quite difficult, due to the apparent insufficient production, or because they are only created being a limited edition.

One very last point to take into account is that you won’t have the ability to borrow other people’s guitars. Does that sound odd to you personally? Well, what I meant was that if you are at a friend’s house or at a social gathering and there is a guitar, except it’s a left-handed guitar, you won’t have the ability to play it!

So carefully evaluate these details and see in case your advantages nonetheless outweigh your expenses.

As a final point, it is constantly a good idea to ask around, request some advice from those people who are enjoying left-handed guitars and see what they’ve to say!

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