Will You have The Weirdest Halloween Costume This Year

With October 31st approaching, it seems that all the girls are parading around in scantily-clad sexy costumes and all the guys are wandering with no clue, staring at eye-candy, while wearing their last-minute, thrown-together costumes.How many guys have you seen dressed up as a beer keg or women wearing Halloween costumes portraying nurses, police officers or Playboy bunnies? We can do better than this. Whether you’re prepared to make your own ensemble, seek out a movie character or find a group theme, there is an original costume for you.

Some of the strangest and unique costumes are the ones people create and form themselves. For illustration, some children paint their bodies all black and dress in black (with blue or red colored sleeves and add some iPod accessories), while carrying matching backdrops, to go as the classic iPod billboard! Other children dress up as the “Koolaid” man and have two friends dress as pieces of the wall he was busting through. You can dress as a “Holy Cow,” as the late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson or as one of the “Royal Tenenbaums” in a red cord track jacket, sweatband, faux fur and eyeliner.

You can get decked out like “Nick Nolte’s Mug Shot” by wearing a Hawaiian shirt and messing up your hair, or you may want to use that Hawaiian garb to go with your moustache and sunglasses, you know like the dead guy in “Weekend at Bernies.” Imagine the laughter at the costume party when you arrive as a lawn gnome, pine tree air freshener or paper doll!

If you are brave and resilient, then you may want to choose Halloween masks and costume accessories to complete your look this year. The scariest Halloween costumes usually involve masks, whether you’re a pumpkin monster, a vampire or a terrifying clown. At http://www.weirdhalloweencostumes.org, you will find the best selection of original, high-quality Halloween masks for all price ranges and objectives. Men can choose a costume design from Edward Scissor hands, 300, Willy Wonka, Pirates of the Caribbean, Predator, Ghost Rider or the Monty Python Black Knight.

Additionally, there are a number of suitable time period Halloween costumes. You can be a 1920s flapper, Bugsy Malone, Gatsby girl, or zoot suit dancer. You can be a 1950s greaser, rocker girl, car hop, jitter bug dancer,pinup girl, cigarette girl,bowler, Buddy Holly,prom king, beatnik or Elvis. You can choose a number of 1960s characters, including Gilligan, The Beatles, Woodstock hippies, Janis Joplin or a go-go girl. From the 1970s, you can get ready to disco dance, whereas the 1980s bring old school rappers, nerds, heavy metal rockers and pop stars. It should also be noted that most of these costumes go for far less than $ 100!

If you’re going to a costume party with a group of friends, then why not try to coordinate your Halloween costumes?Make a list of items you’ll need and reference with your closet. Then it’s shopping time. Hit the thrift store first for old cheesy suits, out-of-date styles and uniforms, the army surplus store second for jumpsuits or military accessories, the dollar store third for odds and ends accessories, the fabric store fourth for sewing fabrics, velcro or felt and the Halloween costume store for wigs, make-up and hard-to-procure items last. Generally, the time and effort it takes to make your own costume design will pay off greatly because no one at the party will look just like you!

If you’re making Weird Halloween Costumes this October 31st, then be sure to start in advance. Make a list of items you’ll need and reference with your closet.Whether there are other people involved and what resources you have to create your strange Halloween Costumes.

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